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GREAT NEWS! We are now a member of the MoneyPass® ATM Network!

Access thousands of ATMs nationwide with your Bank of Marion VISA Check card or ATM card.

Receive easy, surcharge-free access to your cash.

The MoneyPass® network gives you what you want where you live, work and travel throughtout the United States.

With The Bank of Marion and the Money Pass network, you will get:

• No surcharge* at ATMs that display the MoneyPass® logo
• Access to thousands of ATMs across the nation
AND...Convenient, accessible locations including banks, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, discount retailers and more!

This means that you can still access your cash without paying a surcharge if you're on vacation or out of town when you use an ATM participating in the MoneyPass® Network.

To locate a MoneyPass ATM near you, click here.

ALSO...to maximize your savings opportunities at The Bank of Marion, ask about

• Totally FREE Checking
• Free Internet Banking
• Free On-Line BillPay Services

To find out more about these valuable services, call 276.783.3116 or toll free: 1.800.772.1807 TODAY!

*A surcharge is a fee that an ATM owner may charge cardholders at the time of the transaction and is typically around $2.00 a transaction.



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