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Established in 1874
Welcome to the Bank of Marion and all our branches!

The Bank of Marion was founded in 1874. That says a lot about the stability and success of our bank! Founded on the principals of customer service and hometown banking, we have never wavered from the Bank's original mission. We have always embraced the latest proven technologies to ensure the very best in customer convenience. But we remain dedicated to old fashioned customer service and service to the communities we serve. That community service is reflected in our branch bank names, all of which are named for the communities they serve!

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Celebrating over a century of service
Minter Jackson, a Smyth County businessman, saw a need in the community for a bank. Not just any bank but a bank to serve and support the community. Mr. Jackson was founder and served as the first president of The Bank of Marion.

The bank was chartered in February 1874 and the Board of Directors held their first meeting on March 17, 1874. The Bank of Marion opened its doors for business on April 12,1874. The Bank's first home was "the old Jackson Building" which was located on the comer of Main and Park Streets in Marion next to the Smyth County Courthouse. At that time, The Bank of Marion was the only bank between Abingdon and Wytheville, as well as the only one in Smyth, Tazewell and Grayson counties.

We continue to change to meet our customers' needs ...


In 1897, The Bank of Marion raised its second home, at the corner of Main and Church streets in Marion, to better serve its customers and communities. In 1922 this structure was replaced by a larger, more modern banking facility.

The Bank of Marion continues to change to meet customer's needs. We have continued to modernize our facilities and services to insure quality banking and convenience for our customers.


The Bank of Marion is proud to continue a tradition of customer service that began in 1874. With constant bank mergers and buyouts of many community banks, The Bank of Marion has vowed to maintain its independence as a hometown bank, and to expand into nearby communities to provide more customers with local hometown banking service.


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